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October is Canadian Library Month!

Oct 15, 2020 | Announcements, Toronto Library Passport | 0 comments

Avro Design Company is excited to announce that we’ll be donating $3 from every Library Passport purchase to the Toronto Public Library to help support the amazing work they do in our city.

There is a digital divide in our city.

Libraries matter.

Now more than ever.

Did you know that Toronto Public Library is the busiest public library system in the world? It knows first-hand the growing gap between Torontonians who have access to a computer and the Internet, and the those who do not. TPL is committed to equity and access for everyone in our city, and that means breaking down barriers for anyone who faces greater challenges in gaining access to and using these critical resources. In an increasingly digital world, where so many important daily tasks happen online, donations to Toronto Public Library help support vital services to help bridge this digital divide including free computers, Wi-Fi, as well as e-learning and online literacy programs.

Good news! Donations made to Toronto Public Library in October are DOUBLED thanks to a matching gift, and then immediately directed to Toronto Public Library’s highest priority needs.

Donate today to the TPL Foundation’s Community Campaign: